The Impending Chinese NAND Apocalypse – YMTC 128 Layer NAND Is The First Semiconductor Where China Is Technologically Competitive

YMTC 128 Layer NAND is the first semiconductor where China is technologically competitive with the leading edge firms from the Western sphere of influence.
Yields are improving and the 2nd fab is being filled with equipment. Once that milestone is reached, the 3rd and 4th fab will be built simultaneously.

Kulicke & Soffa Industries, $KLIC, Continued Outperformance Of Wire Bonders And Emerging Supplier in Mini-LED, Micro-LED, And Battery Manufacturing

Kulicke and Soffa Industries is continuing to outperform on the back of the wire bonder business. Additionally, they are emerging as a leading supplier in tools used for mini-LED, micro-LED, and battery manufacturing.

Apple CPU Gains Grind To A Halt And The Future Looks Dim As The Impact From The CPU Engineer Exodus To Nuvia And Rivos Starts To Bleed In

Apple’s leading CPU team looks to be struggling as they have now delivered no CPU gains for the first generation ever. Apple likely had to delay their next core architecture due due to personnel overturn from the Nuvia exodus. Furthermore, with a new exodus surrounding Rivos, the future doesn’t look so bright. Apple currently has the best client CPU cores, but can they hold this lead against stronger competition from Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm?

Will The China Real Estate Meltdown End The Semiconductor Shortage?

Sales for real estate are down over 60% for second hand homes and 25% for new homes on the back of regulatory tightening. Pricing in some areas has halved. Manufacturing PMI is flat at 50, and non-manufacturing PMI indicates contraction at 47.5.
With China making up over 30% of new equipment purchases, smartphone sales continuing to be weak, and microcontroller pricing falling, is this the end of the semiconductor shortage?

Advanced Packaging The Size Of Your Monitor | Applied Materials, $AMAT, Modifies Panel PVD Tool For 60x60cm Fan Outs To Usher In A New Age Of Mega Packages

Applied Materials panel level packaging enabled advanced fan outs the as large as 600mm by 600mm. It can deposit layers as thin as 10um, and supports embedded die in substrate technologies like Intel’s EMIB or TSMC’s LSI

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