GlobalFoundries Is A Leading-Edge Foundry Despite Claims Otherwise

Rather than chasing Moore’s Law while ignoring all cost scaling, GlobalFoundries is pushing the bleeding edge of manufacturing in silicon photonics, usage of materials such as SiN and GaN for communications, 3D heterogenous integration, and FD-SOI

Qualcomm Hits a Homerun AI 100 – Powerful AI Inference Acceleration For the Edge

Qualcomm has hit a home run with the Cloud AI 100 because they truly understand the hardware and software co-design required in the AI space.
According to SemiAnalysis, this combo has landed Qualcomm a Super 7 Hyperscaler win in addition to a myriad of wins in the edge market.

Intel’s Trojan Horse into the Foundry Business | Co-packaged Silicon Photonics is Intel’s Path Forward for IDM 2.0

Intel is struggling against TSMC, AMD, Apple, Nvidia, Amazon, etc.
They have a potential ace which would allow them to remain at the heart of datacenter and force industry dependency.
Co-packaged silicon photonics is Intel’s Trojan Horse into the foundry business!

Google New Custom Silicon Replaces 10 Million Intel CPUs | Google Argos VPU

Google’s New Custom Argos Silicon Replaces 10 Million Intel CPUs! The Argos VPU allows them to enable VP9 across all of their services. In the process of building this chip, Google even created their own EDA tool called Taffel!

Nvidia is Raking in the Money, but are Earnings Inflated?

Nvidia has beat earnings expectations yet again on the backs of datacenter and gaming lines. They crushed investors expectations with healthy growth in every sector, but a deeper look reveals some potential concerns.

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