Achronix Goes Public | The Only Independent Leading Edge FPGA Silicon and IP Provider

Achronix, a high end FPGA provider is going public via SPAC. They are the only independent company with offerings on

Intel Icelake Server Die Size & Floorplan Inefficiencies Revealed

Icelake server CPUs are set to qualify for production at the end of Q4 2020 and ramp in Q1 2021

Apple A14 Die Annotation and Analysis – Terrifying Implications For The Industry

Despite TSMC’s claims of a 1.35x shrink on SRAM, Apple’s system cache has only shrunk 1.22x. This has far reaching implications for the industry.
Designers cannot use increased LLC sizes as a crutch forever given N5’s 1.35x SRAM shrink and N3’s paltry 1.2x.

Apple’s A14 Packs 134 Million Transistors/mm², but Falls Short of TSMC’s Density Claims

Our friends over at ICmasters have delved into the package of the Apple A14 Bionic. The die size has been

Jensen Huang’s Vision For Data Center Dominance Will Destroy The Arm Ecosystem

Over time, Jensen Huang will muscle out other Arm vendors supplementing them with Nvidia’s in-house designs. The open Arm ecosystem will be hijacked, and be replaced with a closed off ecosystem rivaling or exceeding that of Intel and AMD.

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