Advanced Packaging Part 2 – Review Of Options/Use From Intel, TSMC, Samsung, AMD, ASE, Sony, Micron, SKHynix, YMTC, Tesla, and Nvidia

Advanced packaging exists on a continuum of cost and throughput vs performance and density. Even though the demand for advanced packaging is obvious, there is an incredible number of advanced packaging types and brand names from Intel (EMIB, Foveros, Foveros Omni, Foveros Direct), TSMC (InFO-OS, InFO-LSI, InFO-SOW, InFO-SoIS, CoWoS-S, CoWoS­-R, CoWoS-L, SoIC), Samsung (FOSiP, X-Cube, I-Cube, HBM, DDR/LPDDR DRAM, CIS), ASE (FoCoS, FOEB), Sony (CIS), Micron (HBM), SKHynix (HBM), and YMTC (XStacking). These packaging types are used by all of our favorite companies from AMD, Nvidia, and many more. In Part 2, we will explain all these types of packaging and their uses.

Memory Oligopoly Woes – Micron Says They Will Not Increase Wafer Output In DRAM Or NAND For The Foreseeable Future

Short term risks related PC inventory/sales and weak China mobile sales weigh on the short term, but Micron is flexing the oligopoly muscle long term!


The Impending Chinese NAND Apocalypse – YMTC 128 Layer NAND Is The First Semiconductor Where China Is Technologically Competitive

YMTC 128 Layer NAND is the first semiconductor where China is technologically competitive with the leading edge firms from the Western sphere of influence.
Yields are improving and the 2nd fab is being filled with equipment. Once that milestone is reached, the 3rd and 4th fab will be built simultaneously.

Fears for Chinese Semiconductor Capital Equipment and Chemical Supply Chain Are Overblown | Cautionary Tale On Trusting Industry Analysts

Many investors have feared the rise of the Chinese semiconductor industry, especially in equipment and chemicals. This alongside coverage from certain analysts has led to huge valuations in the Chinese equipment and chemical industry. This is a cautionary tale on trusting the word of analysts.

Micron Sells 3D X-Point Lehi, Utah Fab to Texas Instruments For $1.5B

Micron to Sell Lehi, Utah, Fab to Texas Instruments for $1.5B.
This is the fab that was part of the Intel/Micron IMFT joint venture. It currently produces 3D X-Point and NAND memory. Intel will need to ramp Optane production at another fab like their New Mexico fab.

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