Advanced Packaging Part 2 – Review Of Options/Use From Intel, TSMC, Samsung, AMD, ASE, Sony, Micron, SKHynix, YMTC, Tesla, and Nvidia

Advanced packaging exists on a continuum of cost and throughput vs performance and density. Even though the demand for advanced packaging is obvious, there is an incredible number of advanced packaging types and brand names from Intel (EMIB, Foveros, Foveros Omni, Foveros Direct), TSMC (InFO-OS, InFO-LSI, InFO-SOW, InFO-SoIS, CoWoS-S, CoWoS­-R, CoWoS-L, SoIC), Samsung (FOSiP, X-Cube, I-Cube, HBM, DDR/LPDDR DRAM, CIS), ASE (FoCoS, FOEB), Sony (CIS), Micron (HBM), SKHynix (HBM), and YMTC (XStacking). These packaging types are used by all of our favorite companies from AMD, Nvidia, and many more. In Part 2, we will explain all these types of packaging and their uses.

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