Achronix Goes Public | The Only Independent Leading Edge FPGA Silicon and IP Provider

Achronix, a high end FPGA provider is going public via SPAC. They are the only independent company with offerings on


Intel Icelake Server Die Size & Floorplan Inefficiencies Revealed

Icelake server CPUs are set to qualify for production at the end of Q4 2020 and ramp in Q1 2021


Apple A14 Die Annotation and Analysis – Terrifying Implications For The Industry

Despite TSMC’s claims of a 1.35x shrink on SRAM, Apple’s system cache has only shrunk 1.22x. This has far reaching implications for the industry.
Designers cannot use increased LLC sizes as a crutch forever given N5’s 1.35x SRAM shrink and N3’s paltry 1.2x.



The Impending Chinese NAND Apocalypse

SemiAnalysis projects that within the next 5 years, at least a few of the companies with a NAND fab will consolidate or sell their stakes.