Qualcomm/MediaTek Will Beat Apple To Shipping TSMC 3nm Based Smartphone Chips

Apple has long been considered the primary TSMC partner as the first mover to new process technologies, but this is changing.
Based on comments from TSMC’s CEO, Qualcomm and/or MediaTek will be releasing a N3 smartphone SOC before Apple!


Nvidia’s 2021 Bubble, Eerily Similar To Other Bubbles That Came Before

Nvidia is a leader and visionary in the industry, but their stock price has ran far ahead of the business fundamentals. Their current stock price shows eerie similarities to other bubbles that came before!
Banks and retail investors are over-extrapolating outsized growth.


Graphcore Looks Like A Complete Failure In Machine Learning Training Performance

Graphcore, a $2.8B AI startup, looks like a failure! Their hardware and software simply don’t measure up.
They are require twice as much 7nm silicon to achieve slower results with worse pricing, TCO, and software support.


Micron Sells 3D X-Point Lehi, Utah Fab to Texas Instruments For $1.5B

Micron to Sell Lehi, Utah, Fab to Texas Instruments for $1.5B.
This is the fab that was part of the Intel/Micron IMFT joint venture. It currently produces 3D X-Point and NAND memory. Intel will need to ramp Optane production at another fab like their New Mexico fab.


The Impending Chinese NAND Apocalypse

SemiAnalysis projects that within the next 5 years, at least a few of the companies with a NAND fab will consolidate or sell their stakes.