Intel Betting The Farm – Shrinking Business, Margins Down For Few Years, But Aggressively Investing $40B-$43B A Year And More With Subsidies

Intel could follow the path of many other American goliaths such as IBM and General Electric. A slow slide to irrelevancy, spinning off business, and bringing shame to what was once pride for American ingenuity. Instead of that conservative route, they are going to put the metal to the floor, spend every dime Intel makes on investing in more manufacturing, design, and in general catching up in technology.


TSMC 3nm Wafer Shipments Pushed Into Q1 2023, 2.5 Years After N5 | TSMC 2nm, Samsung 2nm, And Intel 20A Battle It Out In 2025

SemiAnalysis has been hearing murmurings about TSMC’s N3 having poor yields, poor metal stack performance, being very expensive, and being too late for Apple’s 2022 iPhone. These can’t be confirmed, but we can confirm that TSMC N3 is now shipping in Q1 2023.
The hiccup on N3 brings many questions about TSMC’s competitive positioning versus Intel 20A and Samsung 2nm. Both these nodes are very aggressive and aimed at getting back into a competitive position against TSMC. Intel and Samsung even claim the nodes will bring leadership.


GlobalFoundries $GFS IPO – Mubadala Lost Over $22.4B, Now They Are Hoping Public Markets Bail Them Out

Low utilization rates, countless divested assets, cut R&D and capex, and still doesn’t make money in the greatest semiconductor boom of all time.
Playing up on nationalism while having their largest fab and ongoing investment in Singapore.


Memory Oligopoly Woes – Micron Says They Will Not Increase Wafer Output In DRAM Or NAND For The Foreseeable Future

Short term risks related PC inventory/sales and weak China mobile sales weigh on the short term, but Micron is flexing the oligopoly muscle long term!


The Impending Chinese NAND Apocalypse – YMTC 128 Layer NAND Is The First Semiconductor Where China Is Technologically Competitive

YMTC 128 Layer NAND is the first semiconductor where China is technologically competitive with the leading edge firms from the Western sphere of influence.
Yields are improving and the 2nd fab is being filled with equipment. Once that milestone is reached, the 3rd and 4th fab will be built simultaneously.

Fears for Chinese Semiconductor Capital Equipment and Chemical Supply Chain Are Overblown | Cautionary Tale On Trusting Industry Analysts

Many investors have feared the rise of the Chinese semiconductor industry, especially in equipment and chemicals. This alongside coverage from certain analysts has led to huge valuations in the Chinese equipment and chemical industry. This is a cautionary tale on trusting the word of analysts.